Friday, December 19, 2008

Family Friday: A wrapping party

One of my sister's was often staying up all night on Christmas Eve trying to get all her gifts wrapped in time. She was then often so tired the next day, she was unable to really enjoy the children's reactions. In an effort to alleviate her wrapping dilemma, I started organizing a "wrapping party" a few nights before Christmas. My sisters, my mother and some long-time family friends, and I, all get together at one house (with no kids, except infants) and spend the evening wrapping and laughing and just enjoying each others company. We share gift wrap, giving us all a great variety of wrapped gifts and when we finish wrapping our own gifts, we help those who have more to wrap. In the past, we have all brought snacks to share as well and we have discussed, but never actually done yet, having a cookie swap as well. Our wrapping party has become a nice way to get our gifts wrapped without worrying about spying eyes, a way to get a little adult interaction, and more importantly, a way to grow closer with our "extended"-immediate family (family that was considered immediate before we grew up). It also helps relieve a little of the holiday stress, knowing that much of our wrapping is done, allowing us to better enjoy the time with our spouses and children.

Do any of you do something similar?

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