Friday, July 17, 2009

Making Money at home

I have enjoyed many opportunities to supplement my husband's income by making money from home. I belong to several survey groups and online panels where I often earn cash/PayPal/checks or gift cards. I also have had the opportunity over the years to test many products, saving us money on our grocery bill. There are also a few websites that offer incentives for reading e-mails. The amount to read 1 e-mail is usually small, but they add up quickly and it is usually worth the few seconds of my time to do it. In addition to these activities, I perform mystery shops which pays money and often reimburses me for purchases. As a family, and individually, we have participated in research studies and focus groups, which often pay very well. Those have sometimes resulted in receiving medical care that we otherwise would have had to pay for out of pocket as well as nice sums of money. Currently, my children and I are in a flu research study. We go twice a year to the hospital for a blood draw so they can study our blood for how our body's react to the flu. We also have to report weekly, during the flu season, any symptoms we experience and if we have flu symptoms, we have to go to the hospital for a nasal swab. If the swab shows we have the flu, we return again for another blood draw. The study lasts 3 years and each time we go to the hospital for a routine blood draw each child gets a $25 Toys R Us gift card and I get a $25 check. The same is given to the sick person who goes for a nasal swab and again if they have the flu and go in for the blood draw. In my house, it truly pays to get sick ;0) Of course, we do not try to get sick, but at least there is a little comfort when we do. They also gave us all digital thermometers, hand-knitted gloves and little gifts when we signed up. They entertain the kids during our visits as well so I am able to relax a bit. At our last scheduled blood draw, they also gave me a $35 gift card to Wegman's (a grocery store in the Northeast). Some research studies require you to take medications and, understandably, some people have concerns about that, especially when involving their children. I like the study we are in because we do not have to take any medicines and the flu shot is optional. Anyway, I just wanted to share so that anyone who is interested in earning some extra money while at home, knows there are ways to do so without spending a lot/anything up front. Also, be sure to check out Nicole's Nickles for a great post with links to several university research sites that offer online studies in exchange for checks, Amazon gift cards or entry into giveaways with great odds. Overall, by doing all the things I do, I am bringing in about $200 a month in cash and merchandise. Not bad, for a few hours of time each week.


  1. Where can I sign up for the ones that are not scams? I would love to test murchandise and do surveys...

  2. The first piece of advice I will give is DO NOT PAY money to any group/person for information or to sign up. Every group I belong to, I found online for free. I will work on a few posts in the near future and I will share information for the companies I do work for.