Monday, August 10, 2009

A fun contest from Verizon

I recently received an e-mail from MomSelect, informing me of a great contest Verizon is holding. The grand prize is a whole new entertainment system worth up to $20,000, including 2 flat-screen LCD tvs, a Blu-Ray player, a surround-sound system, a notebook computer, and 1 year of Verizon Fios service. Unfortunately for some of my great readers, that prize is only available to residents of the states of NY and NJ, but do not despair if you live in one of the other 48 wonderful states, they have a contest for you as well. See, the way the first contest works is that people create videos telling why they need a new entertainment system, then viewers (from any of the 50 states), vote on their favorite. The judges' top choice videos (1 from NY and 1 from NJ)and the fan favorite videos (again 1 from NY and 1 from NJ) win prizes and each week voters can win a Web Cam, regardless of what state they live in. Be sure to check out the contest. If you live in NY or NJ, get a video together and post it on the contest site before August 16th and leave a comment if you do. There is also the possibility of entering the contest at a live event if there is one available in your area. If you do not live in NY or NJ, or if you do but don’t enter a video of your own, be sure to come and vote for your favorite (or you can just vote for mine because you like ME!) and get in on your own chance to win.

As I said above, I created a video entry for this contest. You can find it under the New York entries listed as "Danielle, New York Why we need a new entertainment system". It is currently the first video listed under recently added videos. Please note, this was the very first time I have ever created and downloaded a video onto a computer. The video camera was also a brand new one for me and we were (still are actually) traveling on a cross-country drive to Seattle and back so I was very tired and short on time while creating it. I am not sharing this for sympathy votes (though feel free to give them ), I just wanted to explain/defend the corniness of it . Thanks for your support!

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