Monday, November 15, 2010

Fuzzoodle Fiesta

I had the opportunity to host a Fuzzoodle Fiesta this weekend, to introduce my friends and family to Fuzzoodles. If you have not seen the commercials and have no idea what a Fuzzoodle is, let me explain it the best I can. Fuzzoodles are like giant, soft, fluffy pipe cleaners and plastic accessories like feet, eyes, noses, etc to add to them. They can be bent and shaped into many different shapes and if you want to change it, it is super easy to do. You can make creatures to look at or play with, or you can make finger puppets, or wrap your your pens to personalize them. The colors are fun and bright and the accessories allow you to make a wide variety of creatures. At our party, we stuffed a homemade pinata full of Fuzzoodle pieces and then let the kids grab whatever they could when the pinata was broken. As fun as the pinata was, they ended up just gathering all the pieces up and combining them together any way.

The party was geared toward kids aged 5-7 years old, but my 2 1/2 year did okay with some help and my 3 year old did great by herself. On the other end of the age spectrum, the adults had just as much fun playing. My 13 year old cousin had so much fun with them that she asked her mom if she could have a Fuzzoodle birthday party for her friends.

Having seen the reaction to the Fuzzoodles, I would definitely consider doing a Fuzzoodle party for my kids next party. It is an activity that can take up quite a bit of time and is a lot of fun. It was also super easy to clean up afterward and the cost for the Fuzzoodles would be less than having a party at a commercial business. I also love the creative outlet that Fuzzoodles provided and that they are pretty safe for kids to play with, even if they decide to use the Fuzzoodles as swords ;)

I received a stipend and Fuzzoodle product in exchange for hosting the Fuzzoodle Fiesta.

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