Friday, April 15, 2011

More changes

I wanted to let you know about some changes that will be coming to my blog.  My blog has gotten away from me and I am finding that I am unable to blog about the things I truly enjoy.  I was trying to keep several blogs going and realized that I was in over my head.  I stopped posting on most of the other blogs completely and the two that I kept began to feel more like chores, than something I was enjoying.  I want my blog to be useful to others, but also help me as well.  Here are the changes I have planned:
     - I will no longer be posting to my homeschool blog, at least for a little while.  This means that I will be sharing more of our homeschool activities here.
     - I am planning to start a series on living a more organized life.  This is for those who may need to develop habits to help keep their homes clean and organized and/or for those who want to work on instilling habits in their children that will help keep the home clean and organized.  I will let you know now that these will mostly be very basic concepts, but ones that when practiced regularly will make a big difference.
     - I have also been inspired by the Frugal Girl's Food Waste Friday posts.  So, once I get a new camera, I will be posting our weekly food waste.  I find it to be a motivator to reduce our food waste if I am going to be accountable for showing what I am wasting.
     - There will be more pictures.  My digital camera is VERY old and while, it was cutting edge when we got it (10 years ago!!), it really does not take the quality of picture that I would want to post.  I am currently shopping for a new camera and once I get it, you will see more pictures. (On a side note- if you have any camera recommendations, please share them.)
     - I will still have reviews and giveaways, but they will not be the majority of the posts as they are now.  I am planning on posting more content on a more regular basis, so there will be tips, information, updates, recipes, and more intermingled with the reviews and giveaways.

I appreciate all of you for continuing to read The Happy Wife and I hope you will continue to read along as I try to bring this blog back to where it once was.

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  1. It's hard to keep up on one blog let along a lot. I never know how people do it. Especially keeping up with the other things of life. Good job realizing what you can handle and going with it! :)