Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Gift Idea: Pinypon

I recently had the opportunity to host a party for PinyPon.  So what is PinyPon?  They are small dolls, about 3" tall, that you can interchange the pieces, creating your own unique dolls, and changing them when you feel like it.  Here is a picture of 3 dolls as they came from their packages.
 The kids decided they all wanted to pool their pieces and build new dolls so we separated each doll into its various parts.  Some of the kids wanted to keep certain parts of their dolls so this is not all the dolls we had, but here is the pile we ended up with that the kids got to choose from and a close up of one doll, broken down into it's components.

As you can see in the picture, there are several small pieces, so these are not recommended for children under the age of 4 years old. I also have to note that while our guests were mostly girls, the sole boy, enjoyed playing with them as well, and particularly liked that there were boy dolls in our pack. All of the kids got a kick out of the caravan as well, with one of them especially thrilled that she won one of her own to bring home with her (Yay Maya!). 
I have to say the caravan was pretty fun. The kids enjoyed finding all the small details that made the caravan had. The top flipped off and turned into a fun boat.  One wall turned into a bath with a showerhead that really sprays water.  I liked that there was plenty of spots to store all the little pieces that came with the caravan.  I also appreciated that the caravan was fun and ready to play with right out of the box, but there are also stickers you can add to enhance the look.  For the party, I did not apply the stickers, mostly because I did not open the box until just before the first guest arrived.  I also left all the little pieces in the box so that they would not get lost.  We now store them all in a resealable bag in the small box that holds the dolls. 

I think these would make a great gift for the younger girls in your life.  My older girls, ages 10 and 11 years, played with them and enjoyed them as well, but I think they would grow out of them rather quickly.  They were perfect for my almost 6 year old and the other girls who were here, ages 4-8 years, all enjoyed them immensely as well, along with the 4 year old boy who played with them.  You can also buy these individually or as part of a set.  You can buy pets, the caravan or an apartment for them. along with other accessories, making this one of those gifts that you can add to at other times of the year.

At the end of the party, in addition to awarding one of the caravans to a guest, we also were given a doll from Nenuco to award to a guest:
You can find PinyPon and Nenuco online at their web pages, as well as on facebook (PinyPon, Nenuco) and Twitter (Piny Pon, Nenuco)

I received a party pack, from Mommy Parties, that included several dolls, the giveaway prizes and gifts for myself in exchange for hosting this party and sharing it with you.

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