Saturday, April 13, 2013

Product review: Nuby Bath Time Clock and Thermometer

Disclaimer- I received the above product in exchange for my honest review.

About the Nuby Bath Time Clock and Thermometer

This easy-to-read Bath Time Clock and Thermometer by Nuby™ makes finding a safe water temperature for your child easy! Also available as a duck.
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My thoughts on Nuby Bath Time and Thermometer 

I love the whimsical look of both the turtle and the duck versions of this product.  They are very cute and Sam loved interacting with it.  I like that it has a thermometer that will check the water for you and flash red if the water is too hot and green if it is too cold.  The timer ensures that baby is not in the water for too long, and can count up or down.  I like that it can double for the older kids and adults to ensure they keep their own baths and showers to a reasonable time limit.  I do need to note that you will want to keep the packaging when you first buy it, as the instructions are on the back and you will want them, especially if your thermometer arrives showing the temperature in Fahrenheit and you use Celsius, or vice-versa.   The toy is also safe for the baby to play with it once they are in the tub.

I recommend this for anyone who regularly bathes a baby or young child.  


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