Sunday, June 15, 2014

The past 8 months

It has been exactly 8 months since my last blog post.  During that time, I was working on a little project, and while I always intended to share along the way, time got away from me.  So what was the little project I was working on?  Here he is:
Meet baby #6 :)  He was born 2 weeks ago and weighed 7 lbs 11 ozs.  I will share his amazing birth story in another post soon.  The pregnancy itself was a little difficult, and brought new experiences to me, but overall, was a good and healthy pregnancy.  Landon himself, appears healthy overall, but does have some minor heart differences that we are keeping an eye on.  They are not causing him any physical issues at this point, so they just look yucky on paper and we are hopeful that they will either "heal" on their own or at least, continue to not cause any issues.

Now that Landon is here and the majority of his "extra" appointments are over, I am hopeful that I will be able to get back to blogging again.  I have missed it greatly and have tons of post ideas.

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