Thursday, September 28, 2017

Things I Sell Thursdays: Tupperware

Ok, Thursdays are currently going to be a flat-out advertisement for my other businesses.  Currently, I an a sales consultant with 2 direct sales companies.  Every Thursday, I will share something about one of the companies I am working with.  I am choosing to do this once a week, so that you can choose whether to read about these companies or not.  I will not post about them on other days of the week, only Thursdays.  Posts will vary between products in general, product sales, host benefits, information on becoming a consultant, and just general information.  First up, is Tupperware and it will be a general post.

Tupperware bowls

I first sold Tupperware 18 years ago.  I love the lifetime warranty that they offer on their pieces. They are guaranteed not to crack, break, chip or peel.  If you do find one of those things happened, hang on to your damaged piece and contact me or any other Tupperware consultant to get a replacement or a credit towards new Tupperware (depending on availability).  Due to life events, I stopped selling Tupperware after 2 years, but I recently rejoined and am excited to be working with them again.  If you have any Tupperware related questions, feel free to ask me.  If you want to purchase products, you can order directly through my website, or e-mail me.  If you are interested in hosting a party, just let me know.  I can do Facebook parties for those of you who are not in western New York or those who are and prefer that format.  Facebook parties are a lot of fun and only last about 45 minutes to 1 hour.  You just invite your friends, no cleaning, no food prep, you can even do it in your pajamas.  If you want more information on selling Tupperware yourself, please contact me.  I encourage you to join my VIP Tupperware group on facebook to be sure that you do not miss any sales.  I can share Tupperware sales with you here, but when I offer my own specials, I can only share them in my VIP group.

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