Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Great deal on Snow White DVD/Blu-Ray

There is a great deal on the new Snow White DVD/Blu-Ray 2 pack. On Amazon.com, the sale price is $19.99, but if you enter the coupon code "Snowhite", they will take an additional $10 off, making the total cost $9.99. Shipping is $2.98, but the DVD does qualify for Super Saver shipping so it could be free if you add another $5 to your purchase (the total needs to be $25 before applying the $10 coupon for free shipping). This includes both the regular DVD and the Blu-Ray version so whether you have a Blu-Ray player or not, this is a great deal.


  1. Thank you for this info! I just ordered the DVD. The girls will love it.

  2. Hi Danielle! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog and signing up for my bow giveaway!

    WOW! You are a busy woman! So many blogs that I didn't know which to choose!