Monday, October 11, 2010

Product Review and Giveaway: Libman Freedom Spray Mop

For both economic and environmental reasons, I have been slowly eliminating disposable products in our home. We have switched to cloth napkins in place of paper ones and rags in place of paper towels. My desire to avoid disposable products is one reason I have avoided getting a new mop. The mops I have owned in the past either did not perform well or required me to lug around a big bucket of water, that needed frequent changing. Some of the "newer" style mops perform well, but require disposable pads in lieu of a mop head and made it impossible to use ones own cleaner, in that only their cleaner bottle would work and/or they were made in a way that they could not be effectively refilled. When I was given the opportunity to review the Libman Freedom Spray Mop, I hesitated at first, but as I read the details of the mop, I was thrilled to be able to try it.

Up until now, whenever we needed to mop the floor, we pulled out our carpet shampooer and used that, or we got down on our hands and knees with some cloth diapers and used a whole lotta elbow grease. Both are effective, but both also have their drawbacks. The Libman Freedom Spray Mop truly lives up to it's name, bringing more freedom to the mopping world. For me personally, it brings me freedom from an electrical cord, and not at the expense of batteries either. The spray trigger is operated manually with four fingers, so your pointer finger is not doing all the work by itself. Speaking of the trigger for the spray, that in itself brings freedom of carrying around that heavy bucket of water. There is a small bottle that attaches you can fill with whatever cleaner you choose, or even with just water if you choose. The bottle easily attaches to the mop and allows you to spray the floor directly in front of the mop. The reusable bottle and the washable, reusable microfiber mop pads, allow you to save time and money, while being environmentally responsible as well. The pads are safe on any type of flooring and can be washed up to 50 times. I also enjoy being free of having to get down on my hands and knees to get to the places where other mops have failed to reach. This mop has a swivel head that easily reached behind and around my toilet and in other tight areas. The mop pads allow you to mop right up to the edges of the floor, again eliminating the need to use something to clean along the baseboards.

The Libman Freedom Spray Mop is sold fully assembled at retailers nationwide for the suggested price of $19.99-$24.99. These mops are quality manufactured in the USA, Arcola, IL to be exact, by a 4th generation, family owned company.

Is it worth it?- I absolutely love this mop and that says a lot. I plan to keep this mop for as long as possible and will be happy to replace with the same one when necessary. The only drawback I found is that in areas that needed extra scrubbing, such as behind the toilet and along the front of the kitchen cabinets, I needed to get down on the floor with a scrub brush. This is more my fault as they needed a deep cleaning anyway and this mop is designed more for everyday use. However, the microfiber pads also have 3 green scrubbing stripes in them that help with grabbing spills off the floor. The price is comparable to other mops I have seen and considering that you do not have to replace the pads and are free to use whatever cleaner you choose, this is truly a good value.

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  1. I dislike having to buy expensive replacement pads and expensive cleaners. I like that the pads are reusable and that you can use your own cleaner.

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  4. I dislike mopping the most about mopping :) -Filling the bucket is easy ,I dont even really mind moving it from the sink to the floor....but mopping??? Yuck!!! Dislike....dislike....dislike

    I think the feature on this mop that will help me the most is that both the bottle and mop heads are "reusable"

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  6. I tweeted and Facebooked your giveaway :-)

  7. i dislike how it never seems to get clean.after i mop i always go threw it with a towel and its still dirty..hate that

    i look forward to the mircofiber on this

  8. I am currently using a swiffer and I hate using so many of the pads just to mop my kitchen.. Not only is it bad for the enviroment but it's also bad for my bank account to keep having to buy the expensive refills :(

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  11. Gosh, I hate about everything about mopping, lol! I think I would like the refillable bottle that I could refill with whatever I choose!

  12. I entered the Brilliant lenses giveaway !! Thanks for the opportunites :-)

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