Sunday, October 10, 2010

Review and Giveaway: Brilliant Lenses

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Although I wear contacts most of the time, I often give my eyes a rest and wear glasses. With 4 little ones, lenses on my glasses are often being touched by greasy or dirty little fingers. In a pinch, I will breath on my glasses and wipe them off with my t-shirt or, if I am home, I will wash them in the bathroom sink with hot water and a drop of hand soap. Neither way is not the best way to clean them and not always convenient either, especially if I am not wearing a soft t-shirt or not near a sink. Another problem I tend to have with little ones, is getting scratches on my lenses and short of waiting for my insurance to cover a new pair of glasses, there is not much I can do when they get scratched. Due to these issues, I was more than happy to review Brilliant Lenses eye glass cleaner, made by Black Diamond Stoneworks.

I received a package with 2 small(7ML) bottles of lens cleaner, a soft cloth, and a small pouch to put it all in. The spray bottle is the perfect size to fit in my purse so I will always have it with me, and no more trying to find a soft cloth either. Another benefit that I love, is that the spray contains SR-8 which is a protective coating that makes the lenses 50x more resistant to scratches. You can buy 1 bottle and a cloth for $4.99, or upgrade to the 2 pack with the small pouch for just $7.99 at

Is it worth it? I love the convenience of having the spray and cloth all together in a small pouch in my purse. I did not have to scrub the lenses very hard to remove smudges either, which is definitely a plus. I cannot really comment on how well the lenses were protected against scratches because I have not really worn my glasses that many times since I received it and they already had some scratches to begin with, but I can say, there have been no NEW scratches since I started using it. I do not think any of you would be disappointed in this product, though I do wish they sold just a refill bottle of cleaner so I could be a bit more environmentally friendly.

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I was given the package described above of Brilliant Lenses in exchange for a review from through Tomoson