Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fascinating Womanhood online class

If I had to choose 1 book that drastically altered my life, scriptures aside, I would easily tell you it was the book Fascinating Womanhood by Helen Andelin.  I have not blogged about it mainly because I first read it and applied its teachings back in 2005 and unfortunately, have let myself slip on the teachings quite a bit in the past 6 years.  I can see and feel the side effects of slipping out of the positive habits I had developed after reading the book.  I even pulled the book off my bookshelf to read it again, but the same things that was keeping me from living the teachings in the book, were the same things keeping me from reading it again.  Maybe it is time or just the way my life currently is, but I am ready to recommit myself to living life as a Fascinating Woman.  As though she knew it, my friend Cynthia Berenger, is about to start an online session of her Fascinating Womanhood course.  I did not take the course the first time I read the book, but this time around, I think it would be very helpful for me to do so.

Here is what the course is about (taken from Cynthia's flyer, which can also be found on her website):

The course was originally designed by the author of the book, Helen Andelin.  Cynthia has been living the teachings of Fascinating Womanhood with great success and happiness for almost 30 years and has been authorized to teach the classes since 2004.  Personally, I have know Cynthia, as an on-line friend, since 2005 when I joined a Yahoo! group about the lifestyle of Fascinating Women.  I have always found her to be authentic and knowledgeable and I completely trust her ability to teach this course.  Here are some of the subjects covered in this course:

❧ The ideal woman from a man’s perspective
❧ Recognizing and achieving Celestial Love
❧ Awakening love, tenderness, and devotion from loved ones
❧ Joy from embracing femininity
❧ Self-acceptance and appropriate self-love
❧ Overcoming role confusion and controlling others
❧ Releasing trying to live both male and female roles
❧ Releasing unnecessary worry and bitterness
❧ How to give up old resentments and hurts
❧ Developing self-control and character
❧ Improvement of homemaking, organizing, and child-rearing skills
❧ Achieving inner happiness and serenity
❧ The Eight Relationship Rules and how to tailor them to your situation
❧ Accepting others without being a doormat
❧ Retaining a girlish spirit
❧ Anger in marriage

One should not expect to receive any sort of marriage, spiritual, medical or legal counseling as Cynthia is not licensed in any of those fields.

There are 2 class options that you can choose from, the Basic and the Advanced.  The subjects covered are the same and both classes include an electronic copy of Mrs. Andelin's workbook.  All class participants are expected to have a copy of Fascinating Womanhood (for married or single women) or The Fascinating Girl (for single ladies).  If you can find them at your library, that will work as well, but you may need to renew it several times.  The Basic class is held live in an online classroom, once a week.  If you are unable to attend the class at the scheduled time, it is recorded and will be available for you to listen to at your convenience for 1 week after the lesson.  The next start date is August 23rd and the session will run through November 15.  The class will meet from 6:00-7:00PM PST (That is 9-10PM for my East Coast readers) every Tuesday.  If that does not work for you, she has more classes commencing in October and November, as well as one planned to start in January.  The Basic Class costs $35.

The advanced class also includes an electronic copy of Cynthia's book, A Fascinating Companion.  The Advanced classes are not held at regularly scheduled times and are taught one-on-one with Cynthia via e-mail exchange.  You have 1 year to finish all 13 lessons, at your pace.  You can also sit in on the online classes up to 3 times during the year you have to complete your lessons.  The cost of the Advanced class is $75.

To learn more about these classes, or any other classes Cynthia offers, visit her website at
. You can also find the registrations for either the Basic or Advanced class on her website under "Downloads".

I have received my enrollment in these classes in exchange for sharing with you a little about the class.  I will be posting again as the class progresses to share more.  As always, my opinion is my own.


  1. What if you do not have that kind of money, because you are saving to get married? Is there a way that someone without the means to pay could learn about fascinating womanhood?

  2. @Anonymous- I originally learned about Fascinating Womanhood several years ago by borrowing the book from my local library and reading it on my own. I bought the book soon after so that I had my own copy to reference at any time I chose. The class however was a great way to refresh what I had read and to learn additional ways to apply the teachings to my life. The class would be a great investment in your upcoming marriage, but if you cannot afford it at this time, I highly recommend reading the book on your own.