Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Product Review and giveaway: Seventh Generation Free & Clear Diapers

We recently had the opportunity to try out Seventh Generation's newly relaunched Free & Clear Diapers.  In all fairness, we did not get to experience them with anything other than overnight wettings because my son became potty trained during the day in the days before the diapers arrived.  However, overnights tend to be one of the times when a good diaper is important and these diapers held up well for us.  On top of being a good quality, they are also friendlier to the earth than  disposable diapers have been in the past.  One of the ways they are gentler on the earth is that they are not whitened with chlorine.  You can read about how they do whiten the diapers here: http://bit.ly/TCFProcess This leaves the diaper looking a bit different than you may used to, kind of the same color as butt paste, but not a terrible color.  The diapers also are free of pigments so there are no cutesy cartoon characters to be found on them either.  You will not find latex, fragrances or petroleum based lotions in the diapers either.

Seventh Generation is also aware that disposable diapers and its packaging do contribute to landfill waste so they are working to reduce that as well.  They redesigned their diapers so that the inner core is light weight, but still absorbent.  They have also reduced the amount of plastic packaging and their packaging can be recycled in the bins where you bring your plastic store bags to be recycled.

You can find Seventh Generation on facebook and on Twitter.

The folks over at Seventh Generation and MyBlogSpark are giving one of my readers a package of Seventh Generation Free & Clear Diapers, in size 2, 4, or 5.    Here are the ways you can enter:

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I received a free package of diapers in exchange for this review.  My opinion is my own.  The diapers I received, as well as the prize for the giveaway and the information I have shared have been provided by Seventh Generation via MyBlogSpark.


  1. Part of what I love about anything that is eco-conscious is that these products are better for the environment. A lot of environmentally conscious products are produced using less resources and energy and packaging is reduced resulting in less pollution caused by the transporting of such products. By using eco-conscious products I am reducing my family's carbon footprint, which is good, since my husband is a sustainability coordinator for a large local supermarket chain. :-) The eco-conscious baby products, I feel are less irritating to baby's sensitive skin, because there are less additives/irritants in the product.

  2. I shared a link to this blog/giveaway on my Facebook page.

  3. I love that I can use them without worrying about what's touching my kids or what I'm throwing in the trash - many times I can recycle the product instead of tossing it, for example.

  4. I subscribe through Google Reader

  5. I like eco-friendly products because they are more gentle on my son's sensitive skin.

    Thank you,

    Laurasu82 at yahoo.com

  6. I love eco-conscious baby products because alot of times they are better for the baby and better for taking care of this planet God has made!

  7. I love eco-conscious baby products because they are better for our babys senstive skin i like them for me to!

    for some reason i cant log in to blogger :( so i am going to leave my email address! mommaof4coolkiddos@yahoo.com