Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Are we robbing others of blessings?

Last week I became very ill with a combination stomach bug/chest cold.  In addition to the gastrointestinal issues, I felt achy, had chills and cold sweats and a severe cough, but no fever.  It lasted 4 full days, and the cough has lessened, but is still lingering on.  There have been 2 times in my life, not counting hospitalizations, where I found myself so sick I could not even tend to my children.  The first time was when I had the swine flu and last week was the second.  Being that I have older kids, it was not terrible as they were able to help with the little ones, but it was still a whole lot to put on them.  Fortunately, I have an amazing network of friends.  I received offers of assistance from many people and knew of many more that I could have called on at any moment.  Unfortunately, I, like many of us, do not like to ask for or accept help unless I truly feel I absolutely NEED it. Then, somebody reminded me that when others are helping us, they are being blessed as well.  I had not thought of it that way and remembered a friend many years ago telling me years ago that if I did not accept his help, I would be robbing him of blessings.  The more I thought on it, the more willing I was to accept help, and I am glad I did.  My family received a warm dinner on the day I was hit the hardest and as I was recovering, friends came over and helped put the house back in order.  Both of these things could have been done without my friends' help, but burdens were lifted from my shoulders and the shoulders of my family members.  I feel incredibly blessed to have received their help and I hope to remember this lesson the next time I am offered, or could use, some assistance. 

Do you find it difficult to accept help from others when you could get by without it?  Does thinking of the fact that they are also blessed by providing service help you to accept their service?

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