Wednesday, June 5, 2013

DVD review: Dance Academy (tv series)

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About Dance Academy

Season 1: Volume 1 (from the back of the DVD case)- Ever since she was a little girl, Tara Webster dreamed of becoming a dancer.  In Season 1: Volume 1, country girl Tara leaves her home, family and friends to audition for the prestigious National Academy of Dance in the big city.  When she's given a spot she's sure her life will be spectacular, but what she doesn't realize is that there's a whole lot more to surviving the Academy than just dancing.

Tara soon meets the other first years: carefree Kat, gorgeous Ethan, rebellious Christian, loveable Sammy and overachiever Abigail.  Together they manage the pressures of exams, crushes and dancing, all the while knowing that at the end of the year not everyone makes the cut. 

For the first time on DVD,, see 13 episodes from Season 1 of the hit drama series about chasing dreams. 

Bonus Feature: Cast Photo Gallery

Season 1: Volume 2 (again from the back of the DVD case)- In Season 1: Volume 2, Tara returns from the holidays excited to have been awarded a first year scholarship, but the rest of the year is full of challenges no one could have seen coming.

The group continues to put all their effort into dancing, but along the way some battle eating disorders, struggle with their parents, overcome physical injury and even deal with big breakups.

With the end-of-year Nutcracker performance approaching, can the Academy group pull it together? And does Tara really have what it takes to stand center stage?

For the first time on DVD, see 13 episodes from Season 1 and take a special behind-the-scenes look at the making of the hit drama about chasing dreams with your very own backstage pass.

My thoughts on Dance Academy

Thanks to Netflix, my girls have fallen in love with Australian teen dramas, so when I had the opportunity to review the DVDs of season 1, volumes 1 and 2, of Dance Academy, I was excited to do so. The fact that they are about dancing, particularly ballet and some hip hop, was especially intriguing as my girls love to learn about dancing.  My older girls (ages 12 and almost 11) really love this show for all that it is, while my 6 year old is really just interested in the dance scenes and could care less about the "drama" parts.  I like that the characters are diverse both culturally and personality-wise.  I also like how it shows how Tara learns not only the commitment and dedication required to follow ones dreams, but she learns how to navigate teen relationships with both males and other females.  There is some minor violence and mean-girl behavior, along with some references to sex, but otherwise it is a pretty tame show. 

I recommend this series to anyone who enjoys good-natured teen dramas and/or tv shows about dance.

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