Thursday, January 12, 2017

Get organized with Clever Container

I have been super tired this week due to an unexpected ER trip with our 4-year old, that threw my whole week off.  I was supposed to host a Clever Container party last Saturday at my house, but after being up all night in the emergency room, I decided to reschedule it for tonight.  If you have never heard of this company, I want to let you know that you are missing out.

Clever Container is a direct sales company that is fairly new to the game.  They offer products that help you organize your home, garage, car, and office.  I love that their products are reasonably priced and multi-functional.  Some of my favorite items are:

  • Shelf Help: This is available in two different sizes and two different colors.  It helps utilize space under an existing shelf.  We use one to hold our bread products in the pantry.  It is great to prevent it from getting squished without having to take up an entire area to store it.  I also use one in my linen closet to keep my Norwex cloths separate from my other linens, making it easy to grab a cleaning cloth when I need one.  

  • Clever Shopper: This is available in several patterns and colors.  These reusable shopping bags can hold a tremendous amount of groceries.  I love that they can stretch across the shopping cart, allowing you to load them up as you shop.  

  • Hang-Tough Headrest: These come in a set of two.  These are great for holding bags on the back of your seat.  These could be garbage bags, handbags, shopping bags, or bags of activities or snacks for your child.  We also have one over our rear-view mirror to hold our sunglasses.

If you are interested in ordering any of these products, or seeing what other great products they offer, you can visit my consultant's (Gretchen Fatouros) website.  If you do order in the next few days, please choose Danielle's party before checking out.  If you order afterwards, that's ok, too.  You will love their products. Thanks so much!

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