Sunday, September 7, 2008

Save It Saturday: 6 pack rings

I want to apologize first for being late on my last few postings. I am working on getting my posts typed up ahead of time so that I can quickly publish them on busy days, but it has not happened quite yet.

Six-pack rings, like that shown above, when improperly disposed, can kill birds, in a slow and painful way. The curious bird will begin to peck at the plastic and then get its head entrapped in the ring. Sometimes it is in a way that the ring is caught on the beak, preventing the bird from eating and therefore starving to death. Other times, the ring will get around the birds neck and as the bird grows, the ring cuts into its neck, strangling the bird, but not before infection sets in around the cuts. Here is an experiment to show how plastic rings get stuck on a bird's neck. When the rings make their way into the water supply, fish can swim through them, getting caught midway and eventually dying from them as well.

So what can be done? I am going to share a few ideas for recycling the rings, but first will say if you are not recycling them, please at least dispose of them responsibly. Cut the rings apart, ensuring you also cut the smaller holes in the center and then properly dispose of the rings in the trash/recycling bin (if recyclable in your area). It may also be possible to drop off uncut rings to a local bottling plant for reuse. Now on to ways to reuse them:

-Make decorative snowflakes (please note: this link takes you to a webpage named Danielle's Place. I am not the same Danielle)
-Make a wreath (there are no pictures on this link. If you know of one with pictures, please let me know and I will post that link instead) OR you can cut them into separate rings, triple crochet around each ring, pushing the stitches together tightly to cover the ring. You can then thread a chain stitch through the center of the stitches.
-Make decorative flower pots with flowers (this one also lacks pictures) made from the rings
-For the truly crafty person, here is a photo of a chair and curtain made from 6 pack rings.

I would love to see or hear about the ways you reuse 6 pack rings.

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