Saturday, September 13, 2008

Save It Saturday: Expired and Unwanted Coupons

If you are like me, you inevitably have a bunch of coupons that are either expired or that you know you will not use. I hate having to just recycle them when A) I know someone could have used them and B) it seems like it was such a waste of ink, paper, and energy. Well, I recently learned that at overseas military bases, the families can use expired manufacturer's expired for 6 months past their expiration date and of course can use any unexpired coupons as well. Also, from what I hear, food and groceries cost much more overseas, so these coupons are greatly appreciated by the military families. So what is the next step? The Happy Housewife (no relation to The Happy Wife) and My Precious Pennies will send you information about Coupons For Troops when you e-mail them (their e-mails are on their blog posts) or you can also check out the Overseas Coupon Program if you are interested in organizing a bunch yourself. I may gather a bunch myslef in the near future to send over. If I do, I will post it here so that you may send your coupons my way and I will send one big package. Any which way you do it, by sending expired or unwanted coupons to those who can still use them, not only are you reducing the amount of paper being recycled, you will be helping a deserving group of people at the same time.

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