Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Best Review Blog Award 2009- Nominations now being accepted

The folks over at Parent Reviewers are now accepting nominations for their Best Review Blog Award 2009. From their blog: "We are out to find the Best of the Best Review Blogs AND to reward these bloggers for the dedication, hardwork, time, effort and sweat that they have poured into their blogs as well as their reviews.
If you have the guts to compete, check out the details below:


1.If you have a parenting blog which includes product reviews
2.If you have a non parenting blog which is specifically created for reviews of family friendly products only
3.Maximum of 2 editors to a blog - If your blog is managed by 3 or more editors, you are not eligible to enter
4.Blog must be minimum of 6 months old
5.Blog must feature a minimum of one product review per month for the past 6 months
6.Blog must be written in English
7.Contest is open to all International bloggers who adheres to the abovementioned eligibility conditions" (although open to international bloggers, only coupon and gift certificate prizes will be shipped internatioally)

There are 10 groups of prizes for bloggers and 1 reders only prize as well.

So, if you have a review blog and/or you know a great review blog, head on over to Parent Reviewers and fill out the nomination form.

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