Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Try-It Tuesday: Dove SkinVitalizer

I bought the Dove SkinVitalizer several months ago, but with all our moves, it got packed somewhere and I just found it this week. I originally bought it for several reasons: 1) it was on sale and with the coupon it was a very reasonable price, 2) it was made by Dove and I really like their products, and 3) I thought it would provide a bit of a massage.

The SkinVitalizer is a battery-operated tool that you attach a soft, cottony, soap-infused pillow to. The pillow attaches to the Velcro-type head easily and stays on very well. I did find that when I removed the pillow from the tool, bits of the cotton stuck to it and had to be picked out before I could attach a new pillow. The tool is completely waterproof and can be used in the shower, though I would have liked for it to have a hook or some other way to hang it in the shower. The tool provides a gentle vibration so that the cleansing pillows can give a deep, gentle clean and help to remove dead skin cells. Personally, I do not care for the speed or pressure of the vibration. I found it tickled my nose and caused a strange feeling when used near my ears.

The initial purchase of the SkinVitalizer includes 2 3-packs of cleansing pillows. Additional pillows are available for purchase in the original gentle formula and in Energy Glow formula. The cleansing pillows have two-sides, a soft side and a rougher textured side. The rougher side is designed for exfoliation and worked well. The softer side is designed for basic, daily cleansing and also performed well. You can use both sides of the pillow, but Dove recommends replacing the pillow after each use. Being the frugal person I am, and hating to create more garbage, I naturally, tried to get as much mileage out of one pillow as I could. I found each pillow generally has enough soap to last 2 times and the pad itself really only held up that long as well. The cleanser in the pillow seems to be regular Dove cleanser with a light scent and is gentle on the skin. I hate using a pre-soaped cleansing pad that leaves you with a face full of suds and this does not do that. It sudsed up just the right amount.

Although, this cleaned my face well, I would not purchase it again. The tool itself will not require repurchase for a while anyway. I did like the cleanser part of this and will continue using the Dove line of facial cleaners. I just did not find this to be that much better that I can justify buying new pillows every two washes. This does allow you to get your face out of the sink and keep your eyes open when washing up, but I would rather save my money, and the environment.

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