Friday, September 7, 2012

Family Friday: Themed movie night and Chore Points

4 years ago, I shared the idea of theme movie nights.  It is something we have occasionally done, but it is the new incentive I have to keep my kids on track with chores and school work.  Each week, I will put together a themed movie night.  The movie will be on Saturday and admission is by ticket only.    To get a ticket, each child must have all schoolwork done for the week, and have earned 30 chore points.  Chore points are awarded, 5 per day, when all expected chores are done for the day.  This allows each child a fair opportunity, by just doing what is expected of them, to attend movie night.  Additional chore points may be earned by doing extra chores on any given day.  When 10 extra chore points are earned, and the child's bedroom is clean, they will be given an additional ticket to invite a friend to movie night.  Additionally, extra chore points can also be spent in the "mommy store", where I have accumulated a variety of toys, stickers and such that the kids want.  The friend's ticket does not cost them any points, so the "mommy store" is an additional thank you for doing extra work. 

This weeks themed movie is going to be Rio.  For our activity, we are going to play soccer in the backyard, as my girls have been playing every day for the past few weeks and would love to get me out there more often.  Another idea for an activity would be to create your own Carnival costumes.  We are also going to have a Brazilian feast with Brazilian Black Bean Stew, over Brazilian Rice, with Brazilian Lemonade (similar to a frozen limeade) to drink and Brigadeiros (chocolate fudge truffles) for dessert.

I have already run this past the older girls, and they are super excited.  This particular movie night works out great for our homeschooling plan, too.  We will be studying birds next week and Brazil the following week, so this is the perfect movie to tie the two units together.


  1. I am loving this idea! We do movie nights but I like the idea of making it themed. We are going to do ET this weekend. Any ideas for food or treats? I guess I could do a space theme;)

    Danielle @Blissful and Domestic

    1. For ET, you absolutely need to have Reese's Pieces and maybe some fun Halloween candy to go with the Halloween scenes. A space theme definitely works as well! You could also include the kids favorite stuffed animals for the movie or play a game before hand (or after), where they have to find something you have hidden within a pile of their stuffed animals. I will have to work on this one some more and do a whole post for it :)