Friday, August 29, 2008

Family Friday: Theme movie night

Instead of just watching a movie together, make a whole night of it. Include a movie-related dinner, snack, and activities. Here are some of my ideas:

-Charlotte's Web: Dinner/Snack- fair-type food such as corn dogs, roasted corn, lemonade, etc with cotton candy, fried dough, funnel cakes, or ice cream for a snack or if your family has a semi-twisted sense of humor you could have a based meal (chops, bacon, etc) with pork rinds or gummy spiders for the snack. Activities- spider-theme crafts such as this one from Family Fun or these spider lollipops also from Family Fun; Play The Farmer in the Dell (works best with larger families); sing Old MacDonald; Make a giant spider web with one string for each family member. Wind the string around things and over and under things. Have each person take the end of their string and "unravel" the web together. (this is a lot of fun)
-Lady and the Tramp: Dinner/Snack- spaghetti and meatballs, (of course) and dog bone shaped cookies for a snack Activities- visit the pet shop or pound and look at the puppies available for adoption (I only recommend this if you may actually adopt a dog OR you are willing to hear the endless requests for one); dog crafts such as making a paper bag dog puppet (you can even find a template here) or a toilet paper tube dog (template here), there is also a whole bunch of dog crafts on Danielle's Place (I am not the same Danielle) website; go in the backyard and try to find Canis Major and Canis Minor and/or the star Syrius (the Dog Star)

Those are just two ideas I have. What can you come up with? Please share them through the comments section.

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  1. Just wrote these down. I can't wait to try them out. Thanks for the fun idea;)

    Danielle @Blissful and Domestic