Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Try It Tuesday: Mini Oscar Mayer hot dogs

I am not one who likes the idea of serving hot dogs to my children, but they like them and I had several coupons to get them for free so I got some. When I was at the store looking, I found these cute mini Oscar Mayer hot dogs, plain and with cheese. I decided to get the cheese ones and they were a huge hit at our house. They are slightly longer than a coctail weiner and were the perfect size for my 20 month old. My oldest two ate 2 for a serving and (along with their typical sides dishes as well) were satisfied. Since they normally would eat 2 hot dogs in a sitting anyway, I actually feel better about serving them the mini hot dogs since they are now eating LESS hot dog. They also come in a great resealable bag so you do not need to serve them all in one sitting and the messy juice you so often find in hot dog bags was not spilled all over the place when the kids helped themselves. So while they are still not a nutritional favorite of mine, these mini hot dogs are something I would not mind having on hand for those particularly busy days or for a special "treat" for the little ones.

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