Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Try It Tuesday: Vanilla Almond Special K

Ok, I have another food item this week, but this one is healthier than the Mini Oscar Mayer hot dogs from last week.

I am not a big cereal eater and therefore rarely buy it, but last week I was able to get a good deal on Special K so I bought it. I am sure many of you have tried the vanilla almond flavor before, but for me it was a first.

The cereal was perfetly sweetened to my taste, not bland, but not overly sweet either. The flakes stayed crispy in milk long enough for me to get through the entire bowl. That is one reason I never really liked cereal, I hate soggy flakes, but Special K impressed me. The vanilla flavor seemed a bit weak to me and there were few almonds, at least in the bowls I had. I was able to punch up the vanilla flavor a bit by adding some vanilla coffee creamer in with my milk on the last bowl I ate. The downside is that it also added sweetness, making it a little too sweet for cereal, but I would serve it as dessert.

Nutrition-wise, this is decent. Many cereals are fat-free, but this does contain a small amount of fat, presumably from the almonds, making it "good" unsaturated fat. It does contain whole grains, but is not a high fiber cereal, which I prefer. As all US cereals, it is also fortified with several common vitamins and minerals(A, B, C, D, iron). Complete nutritional information can be found here.

Would I buy this again? I might. If I get another great deal on it and if I do not prefer the strawberry version (I have never tried it, but have a box waiting to be opened) more, I will buy this again, otherwise I am sticking with higher fiber cereals.

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