Saturday, August 9, 2008

Save It Saturday: 350

So what does 350 have to do with recycling or helping the planet? 350 (parts per million) is the highest level of carbon dioxide that can safely be in the atmosphere. Currently, we are above that number at 385 and the 350 organization wants to help bring that number down. So what can we do? Every Saturday I will be sharing a tip that will help reduce our individual carbon footprint (the amount of CO2 we help contribute to the atmosphere). Instead of a tip this week, it is more of an introduction as to one reason why we should help the planet and to help spread the word about There are 2 contests going on through to help spread the word about There are some great prizes for both contests and I encourage you to check out the information by clicking the link below, especially if you are a creative person. The contest ends on 8/15 so you need to hurry. Please post here if you do enter and let us know when we can go vote for you.

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