Tuesday, September 17, 2013

DVD Review: Pocoyo's Circus

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About Pocoyo's Circus

(From the back cover)
Join Pocoyo and his friends on a new fun-filled circus adventure!

One day a group of curious aliens arrive in Pocoyo's world.  Pocoyo soon realizes that these new friends are not just any aliens; in fact, they are circus aliens!

Their new friends treat Pocoyo and the gang to a free day at the circus, where Pocoyo and his friends must work together to help save the show!  Will they do it?  Find out in Pocoyo's Circus!

Learn about:
- Increasing Creativity
- Encouraging Imagination
- Expressing Feelings
- And More!

Stories Include: Mystery Footprints, Pocoyo's Balloon, Who's Calling Me Now?, Vamoosh on The Loosh, New on the Planet, Mad Mix Machine, Remember When

Running Time Approx 80 minutes
Includes Spanish Language

My thoughts on Pocoyo's Circus

When I first heard of Pocoyo, I was unsure how my little ones would feel about him.  My hesitations were unwarranted though as my boys (ages 1 and 5 years) love Pocoyo, particularly this DVD, and my girls (ages 7, 11, and 12 years) have a hard time leaving the room when it is on. 

Our favorite story was New on the Planet, and really it holds a good life lesson as well.  It tells the story of an alien that arrives on Earth and is scared of every creature he meets, until he realizes they are also afraid of him. 

The colors are bright, the characters are endearing, and there are no annoying repetitive songs or phrases that get under your skin after hearing them repeatedly.  The stories are sweet and the DVD kept my kids giggling away.

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