Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Special Mini Units Spetember 1-7, 2013

To see how we are using mini-units in our homeschool, you can see the post that shares all of our mini-units for September 2013.

9/1 Mary Had a Little Lamb was First Published

- Spanish word of the day: lamb- el cordero
- Sing Mary Had a Little Lamb
- Make a handprint lamb

  • Trace child's hand on a piece of black construction paper, with fingers slightly spread (with a bigger split between the middle 2 fingers (Vulcan style) and the thumb fully extended.  I found it easiest to trace with a white crayon, but pencil will work too.
  • Cut out the handprint.
  • Glue several cotton balls on the palm part of the handprint, leaving the fingers and thumb uncovered.
  • Turn the handprint so that the fingers, which are now the lamb's legs, are pointed downward.  The thumb is now the lamb's head.  Using a white crayon, draw an eye on the lamb or glue on a googly eye. 
- Read the story "Little Lamb" from the April 1994 issue of The Friend magazine.

9/2 Labor Day

- Spanish word of the day: to work- trabajar
- Writing Prompt: If you could create a holiday, what would it be called?  When would it be? What would you celebrate?
- Read the story of The Very First Labor Day and answer the following questions:
  1. Who "invented" Labor Day? (Peter McGuire)
  2. What was the date of the first Labor Day? (9/5/1882)
  3. When do we celebrate Labor Day today? (first Monday in September)

9/4 Rosh Hashanah

Note- We are not Jewish, but believe it is important to know what other religions believe and celebrate in order to better understand those who hold those beliefs.

- Spanish word of the day: honey- la miel
- Read about Rosh Hashanah and answer the following questions:
  1. What are the 4 meanings of Rosh Hashanah? (Day of Judgement, Day of Shofar Blowing, Day of Remembrance, New Year's Day)
  2. In what Jewish month is Rosh Hashanah celebrated? (the 7th month, Tishri)
  3. What do Jews say to each other as they are leaving Rosh Hashanah services?: ("May you be inscribed in the Book of Life.")
  4. What do the fish in the water represent? ( the fish's dependence on the water represents the Jews dependence on God and just as a fish's eyes do not close, neither do God's)
  5. What are some traditional foods served on Rosh Hashanah and what do they represent? (Traditional foods are served, that are sweetened with honey, apples and carrots to represent the sweetness, blessing and abundance of the year to come.  Challah bread (which is typically served on the Sabbath) is also served, but it is baked in a circle to represent the wish that the coming year will roll around smoothly without unhappiness or sorrow.)
- Bake Challah bread formed in a circle to eat with dinner.
- Serve a dinner that starts with Challah bread and apples dipped in honey and includes carrots.  We made Honey Glazed Chicken and Honey Carrots.
- Learn about a shofar and listen to what it sounds like.

9/5 Cheese Pizza Day

- Spanish word of the day: cheese- el queso
- Make Cheese Pizza (You can use any combination of already prepared ingredients or make everything from scratch yourself.)
  • Make/prepare the pizza dough.  We like to bake ours for about 5 minutes before adding the sauce to keep the sauce from soaking into the dough.  We also like to Italian seasoning and fresh basil and oregano to our dough before rolling it out.
  • Make/prepare the sauce and spread it on the pizza.
  • Top with a mixture of shredded cheeses.  We enjoy Parmesan and Cheddar along with the Mozzarella.
  • Bake and enjoy!

9/6 Birthday of Marquis de Lafayette

- Spanish word of the day: The United States- los Estados Unidos
- Read about the Marquis de Lafayette (this was a bit dry to hold the kids' attention, so I gave them a condensed version after reading through it myself).

9/7 Birthday of Grandma Moses

- Spanish word of the day: art- arte
- Read about Grandma Moses and answer these questions:
  1. What was Grandma Moses' real name? (Anna Mary Robertson Moses)
  2. How old was Grandma Moses when she began to paint? (76 years old)
- Look at some of Grandma Moses' pieces of work

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