Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Special Mini Units September 21-28, 2013

To see how we are using mini-units in our homeschool, you can see the post that shares all of our mini-units for September 2013.

9/22 Elephant Appreciation Day

- Spanish word of the day: elephant- el elefante
- Learn about elephants and answer the following questions:
  1. What are some of the things that threaten the existence of elephants? (habitat loss due to climate changes and human conflicts, poaching ivory)
  2. What are the 2 main species of elephants? (African and Asian)
  3. How much food does and adult elephant eat per day? (300-400 pounds)
  4. What is a group of elephants called? (a herd)
  5. What is a baby elephant called? (a calf)
  6. What do the male elephants do around the age of 12-15 years? (leave the herd and live solitary lives or possibly with other males temporarily)
  7. What is the gestation period (length of pregnancy) for an elephant? (22 months)
- Read Horton Hears a Who
- Make elephant stilts:
  • Take two large empty cans
  • Paint the open end to look like elephant toes (basically 4 large oval-like nails).
  • Once dry, use a punch-style can opener and punch a hole on each side of the can,near the bottom (sealed end).  Put matching holes on the bottom, near the other holes, so that you can tie cord through them.
  • Tie long  pieces of cord through each set of holes, making handles that your child can use to help lift the can as they walk on them.

9/23 Birthday of Ray Charles

- Spanish word of the day: music-  la música
- Watch the video biography for Ray Charles and answer these questions:
  1. When was Ray Charles born? (September 23, 1930)
  2. Where was Ray Charles born? (Albany, Georgia)
  3. When, and how, did Ray Charles lose his eyesight?(age of 7, due to glaucoma)
  4. Who was Ray Charles idol? (Nat King Cole)
  5. What was his first R&B #1 hit? (I Gotta Woman)
  6. What movie did Ray Charles appear in in 1980? (The Blues Brothers)
  7. When and, from what, did Ray Charles die? (2004, age 74, of liver disease)
- Listen to two of Ray Charles' hit songs: Hit the Road Jack and Georgia On My Mind

9/24 Birthday of Jim Henson

- Spanish word of the day: puppet- el títere
- Watch the video biography and read the Synopsis of Jim Henson's biography and answer the following questions:
  1. Where and when was Jim Henson born? (9/24/1936 in Greenevill, Mississippi)
  2. What did he call the combination of puppets and marionettes? (Muppets)
  3. What tv show, that started in 1969, did Jim Henson produce? (Sesame Street)
  4. What show did he create? (The Muppet Show)
  5. When did he die, and from what? (1990, of pneumonia)
- Make a marionette

9/25 Pacific Ocean Discovered

- Spanish word of the day: ocean- el océano
- Locate the Pacific Ocean on a map
- Learn about the Pacific Ocean and answer the following questions:
  1. Is the majority of the Pacific Ocean warm water of cold water? (warm water)
  2. What are the names of some of the small, volcanic islands found in the Pacific Ocean? (Hawaii, Tonga, Samoa)
- Learn that the deepest place on earth, the Mariana Trench, is found in the Pacific Ocean.

9/26- Birthday of Johnny Appleseed 

- Spanish word of the day: happy birthday- feliz cumpleaños
- This would be another good day to go apple picking
- Read page 1 of the Johnny Appleseed biography (you can read page 2, but it did not offer much that I felt was necessary for my children) and answer the following questions:
  1. What was Johnny Appleseed's real name? (John Chapman)
  2. When and where was Johnny Appleseed born? (9/26/1774 in Leominster, Massachusetts) 
  3. How much land did John Chapman own at his death? (about 1200 acres)
  4. In what state is Johnny Appleseed the official folk hero? (Massachusetts)
- Take the steps to start growing an apple tree (a long project).

9/27- Native American Day

- Spanish word of the day: people- la gente
- Learn about a group of Native Americans from your area.  For us, this is Western NY. We will be doing this by visiting the Native American exhibit at the Rochester Museum and Science Center.
- Make some Native American foods, such as:

9/28- National Good Neighbor Day

- Spanish word of the day: neighbor- el vecino
- Do something nice for one of your neighbors today.  You could bake some cookies, sweep their driveway and front walk, rake their leaves, or anything else you think could be helpful and nice.

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