Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mini units for October 2013

For more information about mini-units, please see the September 2013 mini-unit post.

September 15th started Hispanic Heritage month, so we are continuing full units of famous Hispanics.

September 30th also kicked off Get Organized Week.  Each day this week, we have worked on going through and organizing a different area of the house.  On Monday, we organized our desks.  Today, we are organizing an area where we put things we want to donate or give away.  There are a bunch of clothes that we need to sort by gender and size so that they can be given away.  On Wednesday, we will be organizing under all the sinks.  Thursday brings us to the pantry and food storage areas.  On Friday, we will be organizing the craft area and Saturday we will be working on the enclosed porch which has become a dump all.

In October, we will commemorate the following:

Breast Cancer Awareness-

 The older girls (11 and 12 years old) will learn about the importance of regular self breast exams and how to do them.  We also have some friends who are breast cancer survivors, I am encouraging the kids to choose one of them and spend some one-on-one time with them.  In future years, we may all participate in a walk to raise money for breast cancer research. 

Clergy Appreciation-

Religious or not, this is something everyone can do.  Most churches give back to their communities in some way.  I encourage everyone to express their appreciation, in whatever way you choose, to not only your own clergy (if you attend a church), but also to a clergy member of a church in your community.  For us, we will be making cards for the clergy of a local church that runs a food pantry for the community.

National Cookie Month-

We will make a different type of cookie each week this month.  Here are the plans: Caramel Corn Cookies (drop cookies),  Homemade Nutter Butters (sandwich cookies), Seven-Layer Cookies (bar cookies), Turtle Cookies (molded cookies), and Jell-O Spritz Cookies (pressed cookies).

International Drum Month-

We will learn about different types of drums and listen to examples on YouTube.

National Diabetes Month-

My husband and children are Hispanic which automatically increases their risk of diabetes.  We will each take the Diabetes Risk Assessment, learn about the symptoms of diabetes, and come up with a plan to reduce our risk, as a family, of becoming diabetic.   We will then work on implementing that plan.

Lupus Awareness-

We will learn the basics about what lupus is.

Now onto the special days, the links will be added as each week's post is done.

Week 1

10/1- World Vegetarian Day

10/2- Groucho Marx's Birthday

10/3- Chubby Checker Birthday

10/4- National Golf Day

10/5- Do Something Nice Day

10/6- Thor Heyerdahl's Birthday

Week 2 

Fire Prevention Week

10/7- World Smile Day

10/8- R.L. Stine's Birthday

10/9- Fire Prevention Day

10/10-National Angel Food Cake Day

10/11- World Egg Day

10/12- Luciano Pavarotti's Birthday

Week 3

10/14- Columbus Day

10/15- Emeril Lagasse's Birthday

10/16- Dictionary Day

10/18- Chuck Berry's Birthday

Week 4

10/21- Count Your Buttons Day

10/22- National Nut Day

10/23- Gertrude Ederle's Birthday

10/24- United Nation's Day

10/25- World Pasta Day

10/26- Make a Difference Day

10/27- Navy Day

Week 5

10/28- Jonas Salk's Birthday

10/29- National Frankenstein Day

10/31- Halloween

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