Friday, October 4, 2013

Unit Study: Antonia Novello (Hispanic Heritage Month)


Read the biography of Antonia Novello, and answer the following questions:
  1. When and where was she born? (8/23/1944, in Fajardo, Puerto Rico) 
  2. Which president appointed her Surgeon General and in what year? (George H.W. Bush, 1990)
  3. What was significant about her appointment to Surgeon General? (she was the 1st female and 1st Latin to hold the position)

English and Writing:

Imagine you became Surgeon General.  What are some issues you would want to work on and why?  (Older students can use this as a research project.)

Spelling and Vocabulary:

Be able to spell, define, and use each of the following words in a sentence: surgeon, acquired, deficiency, syndrome, immunize


surgeon: el cirujano (male)/la cirujana (female); AIDS: SIDA; to smoke: fumar; health: la salud; President: el presidente

Social Studies: 

Learn about the duties of U.S. Surgeon General.

Read about the current U.S. Surgeon General.


Create a poster sharing information that will help get out the message you chose for the writing assignment.


Listen to "La Borinqueña", the official anthem of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.Be sure to read the lyrics underneath the video (the English version is under the Spanish version.)


Learn what HIV/AIDS is and how it is spread.  (***PLEASE NOTE***- I am required by my state to teach this topic annually.  This website may contain information that your child is not ready for,so please use your judgement.  Additionally, feel free to learn about one of the other health topics that Antonia Novello focused on, such as underage smoking or women's health.)


We will continue to do what we did last week: I will be typing out a bunch of problems using numbers written in Spanish and expecting the answers written in Spanish.  For example: dos y cinco iguals ? (siete)  This will help them review some basic math facts, while working on their Spanish vocabulary.  Here are the numbers zero through 10, plus some helpful Spanish vocabulary:
0= cero
1= uno
2= dos
3= tres
4= cuatro
5= cinco
6= sies
7= siete
8= ocho
9= nueve
10= diez
plus= y
minus= menos
equals= iguals
divided by= dividido por
times= por

Domestic Arts:

Make Arroz con Dulce.

Physical Education:

We will work on personal health this week by participating in a variety of physical activities and games.


Learn how a lung works by making one. You can also learn how smoking affects the lungs.

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