Sunday, March 10, 2013

Book Review: Unholy Hunger

About Unholy Hunger

Evelyn Barrett wants to die. As long as her daughter's murderer dies with her, she is ready to go. Why did this man--this stranger--destroy her family? Why has he not been brought to justice? Why is she forced to live a life of anger and grief? Amid a million questions she cannot answer, Evelyn knows one thing for sure: this murderer must be punished for his crime.
Before it all, she was a successful attorney who won all the hard cases. Now that the case is personal, Evelyn will stop at nothing to seek her own version of justice. When another girl goes missing, Evelyn plows forward, ignoring the warnings from police detectives, the pleas of her grief-stricken husband, and the strange, almost supernatural tingles that tug at her. But as she follows the stench of evil, Evelyn learns that the hardest thing she will have to face may not be the death of her child after all. Perhaps the harder lesson is this: the ultimate truth--of crime and verdict, of life and death--cannot be swayed by a mother's revenge.
In this first book of a new, page-turning series, a woman will be brought to her limits before she finally recognizes the movement of the Holy Spirit and reconnects with the source of true peace.

My thoughts about Unholy Hunger

I cannot imagine what it would be like to lose a child, especially in such a way as Evelyn Barrett did.  I have seen and heard that when a child dies, often, the parents marriage dissolves soon afterward.  After watching friends go through the loss of their daughter, and reading this book, I have come to the conclusion that one reason so many marriages end afterward, is due to the different ways people grieve and the inability to see that even though they may be grieving differently, they are both hurting.  In Unholy Hunger, I had a difficult time relating to Evelyn, mostly because I tend to grieve more like how her husband grieves.  While I did not "click" with Evelyn, I really enjoyed the characters of her husband and the police officers that were investigating her daughter's murder.  I found Evelyn to be annoying to me, in that she insisted to do what she wanted, with no regard for others, and against the advice of her husband, the police and the Holy Spirit.  Having said that, I can completely understand her motives.

The story moves quickly and has a lot of action scenes throughout.  The story line moves along very well, and the reader can come up with possible conclusions, but not with a comfortable level of certainty.

I recommend this book to those who enjoy crime shows, particularly those like Law and Order: SVU.
Thank you to Kregel Publications and the author for the above book to facilitate my review.  All opinions are my own. 

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