Saturday, March 9, 2013

Product review: Nuby SoundBite

Nuby SoundBite


About Nuby SoundBite

Nûby™ soft tip Sound Bite™ weaning spoons are designed to make mealtimes fun. The soft tip spoon is perfect for delicate gums and the deep bowl allows mom to get just the right amount of food on the spoon. The Train, Cars & Airplane designs come with their own great sounds to help you keep your baby’s attention for longer while feeding.  You can find these at

My thoughts on Nuby SoundBite 

Do you remember pretending that the spoon was a car, or airplane, or train getting ready to drive into a tunnel as you moved it towards the baby's mouth?  This is the same idea, but these come complete with a small replica of the vehicle and makes the matching sounds.  I got to try the red and blue race car with Sam and he seemed to enjoy it. These are also available in a pink and purple VW Bug-like car, a green and blue train and a green and yellow airplane. I also like that he can easily handle the spoon himself, so when he is ready to fully feed himself, he can still use these spoons.  In fact, my 4-year old always tries to use this spoon when he chooses his own spoon.  It comes as a set of 2 spoons, with 1 sound-making vehicle that easily, but securely, slides onto the spoon when you want to use it.  I simply removed the car when we were ready to wash the spoons and put the spoons in the dishwasher and wiped down the car, if it needed it.  I am not sure how long the sound maker will work and do not see a way to change a battery, but even if the sound eventually goes (it is not showing any signs of going in the near future), you still have 2 high quality spoons and a cute little car that you can then make the noises for.

I received the above product in exchange for my honest review.

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