Thursday, March 7, 2013

Product Review: Nuby Easy Go Suction Bowl and Spoon

Nuby Easy Go Suction Bowl and Spoon
About the product
The Nuby Suction Bowl with Spoon and Lid is perfect for daycare, travel, or any on-the-go occasion. The bowl is conveniently sized just right for dry cereal or other baby foods and features a suctioned base that keeps the bowl firmly in place during feeding. It also features a lid that seals tightly to keep food fresh during storage. The spoon makes a perfect travel companion because it snaps onto the lid of the bowl for easy storage. And because they are made from break resistant plastics, they are dishwasher/microwave safe and can stand up to the rigors of everyday use. You can buy this product at,,, Burlington Coat Factory, Ross and Buy Buy Baby.

My thoughts
This is my very favorite bowl to feed my little guy from and as he grows to feed himself, I think it will still be my favorite bowl.  The strength of the suction is great, even after using it for several weeks, yet it can be easily removed by an adult, via the tab at the bottom.  The top stays sealed and the spoon fits perfectly on the lid, with the "business" end safely covered.  In addition to being leak-proof, it also can hold an unopened jar of Stage 2 baby food inside the sealed bowl. This allows you to carry along food that is prepared at home, or unopened in the jar, making it great to bring along when traveling or to throw in the diaper bag for meals on the go. 

Here is a picture showing that the bowl is leak-proof.  I filled it half-full of water and added some blue food dye.  I then shook it a bit and sealed the lid.  Then I held it on its side so you could see that there was not even one drop that came out.

Nuby Easy Go Suction Bowl and Spoon

I highly recommend this bowl to anybody who cares for small children, from 6 months on up, both those who only eat at home and those who need to bring their food with them.

I received the above product in order to facilitate my review. As always, my opinion is my own.

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