Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Review: Sid the Science Kid: The Movie

Sid the Science Kid: The Movie

About Sid the Science Kid: The Movie

Sid and his classmate Gabriela enter a contest and win the exclusive  opportunity to visit a new modern science museum before it opens to the public.  There the kids meet a quirky scientist, voiced by special guest star Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future), who has designed robot tour guides of the future!
Then one of the robots goes haywire and the grand opening is in jeopardy! It is up to Sid and his friends to work as a team to find the rogue robot and save the day!

My thoughts on Sid the Science Kid: The Movie

As a homeschooler, I found this DVD to be great for introducing my kids to several different topics.  Academically, there is basic information on astronomy, weather, dinosaurs, bees, simple machines and probability.  Additional topics in the DVD include robots, teamwork, problem solving and learning to be humble.  As a bonus, your child will learn several cute jokes and will have fun solving the riddles throughout the DVD. 
My older kids, ages 10 and 12, did not plan to watch the DVD with me and the younger ones, because they typically find the tv show to be too "young"  for them.  However, when Sid and Gabriela win the trip to the museum, there are two older kids who also win. As they move through the various areas of the museum, each pair of kids share what they know about that topic.  This elevated my older girls' interest and they actually sat and watched the whole thing.  We all found the DVD to be informative and funny at many parts.

I recommend Sid the Science Kid: The Movie to anyone who knows a child that enjoys Sid the Science Kid, or just science in general.  I would recommend it for ages 4-10.

I recently began working with NCircle Entertainment as an iNSider.  I was provided with a complimentary copy of the above DVD in exchange for my review.  My opinion remains my own.


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  1. We love Sid (it is one of my favorite current kids shows on ANY channel (besides word world which my 5 yr old also loves)