Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Money Monday (2 days late): Employer Discounts

Many (though not all) employers offer some sort of discount to their employees (and sometimes their families) on the products or services they sell. Usually, the employees are well aware of these discounts, but not always. If you work, or your spouse works, for a business that provides any kind of service, or product, that you use, it may be worth checking into a discount or at least to see if they have any employee appreciation days coming up, if not both. My husband works for a retail store where he gets 10% off everyday items and 20% off clothes, decent deals in themselves especially when combined with clearance prices. However, they also have "friends and family" nights 4 times a year. Usually, it is an additional 10% off plus the employee discount, but they have one coming up in a few weeks that is the best I have seen. We will receive 20% off everyday items, plus the additional 10% employee discount, and 30% (that is what my hubby thinks the sign says anyway) off clothes plus the additional 20% off clothes. I redeemed my MyPoints for a $100 Sears gift card so I should be able to get quite a bit with little to no money out of my pocket.

Even if your employer does not directly offer employees a discount, sometimes other companies do. My husband's job is located in a mall and he receives a discount at many of the other mall stores simply for being a "mall" employee. Plus, we recently found out that our cell phone carrier also offers a discount to employees of the store he works at. We just cut $20 off our monthly cell phone bill. Often zoos and museums also have deals with local employers as well, allowing employees to receive a discounted membership. My step-father works for a metal company and they have a deal for the employees to buy discounted memberships to a warehouse club. It comes down to just asking everytime you are about to buy something or checking with human resources to see what additional discounts you may receive at area businesses.

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