Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Try It Tuesday (a day late): Taco Bell Fruitista and Cream

As any of my regular readers know, I know how to eat healthy, but I also like to regularly eat not-so-healthy food as well. Today's review then should be no surprise.

When I first tried the strawberry Fruitista Freeze at Taco Bell, I became addicted. I was still regnant and it became a daily craving that had to be sated. It was perfectly sweet with whole,rel strawberries in it and in the heat of the summer, absolutely hit the spot. Last week, I was in the drive-thru and saw a sign for new Fruitista and Cream. I had a mix of emotion. I LOVE the regular Fruitistas, but the weather is turning chilly and I am not sure I really want an icy drink right now. However, the sign got me and I ordered a Strawberry-n-Cream one and brought it home to share with the kids.

The first sip was not like the original Fruitista where I instantly fell in love, but it was good. It is similar in taste to Lifesavers Cremesavers, but tastes more like real strawberries. It had 1 whole strawberry in it, but that may have been a fluke since the picture shows a lot, like the regular one has. The Fruitista and Cream is also available in Triple Berry and Mango, both of which are topped with real strawberries. Also, only the Triple Berry has real fruit juice in it and that is only 8%. The original Fruitista Freeze is fat-free and the Fruitista and Cream has 2.5g of fat, still a low-fat treat. Both versions have about 56-57g of sugar though.

Being that I am in the northeast and it is starting to snow in nearby areas, I do not foresee myself buying this again before Spring, simply due to the cold weather. I do prefer the original Fruitista Freeze to the Fruitista and Cream, but I would definitely order this again when I want a change. So, if you like cold drinks in cold weather or you live or are visiting a warmer climate, definitely try one of these. Otherwise, wait ntil it warms up and I promise this will be the perfect hot weather drink.

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