Sunday, October 19, 2008

Simply Sunday: Receiving Mail

Even though today is a no-mail day, I cannot help but bask in the enjoyment of all the mail I received earlier this week. I had won several giveaways over the past few weeks and many of them arrived throughout the week. I also received several freebies and coupons throughout the week and 3 magazines that I enjoy all on Saturday. The best piece of mail anyone in the house received was a letter my husband received from his dad. There is nothing, no prize nor freebie, that compares to a handwritten letter from a loved one. Unfortunately, in our electronic age, many of us seem to have lost the art of letter writing. I encourage each of you to spend some time this week and send a letter, through the US Postal service, to a loved one. If you cannot think of someone to send a letter to, children always love mail, even if it is just a short postcard. I promise you, whoever you send it to will love recieving it and just may return the favor to you.

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