Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Try It Tuesday: Walgreens Comfort-Stretch Cloth-Like Diapers

A few weeks back, Walgreens had their brand of diapers on sale and I decided to give them a try. Having had 4 children, I know that every brand is different AND every child is different, so since some brands have not worked with some of my children and were perfect for others, I figured the same would probably be true of store-brand diapers. Granted, we did not have Walgreens in my area until recently and this is the first child to try "their" brand, my other three never fared well in ANY other store brand diapers. I am so glad that I decided to try them.

First, I am a coupon and sale shopper, but with 2 babies in diapers, it is sometimes hard to always buy brand name as I often run out of manufacturer's coupons and do not get more until after I already needed them. That is what happened that week anyway and I reluctantly decided the best deal by far was to buy the Walgreens brand. Since it was only the littlest baby that needed diapers, I bought both packs (buy one, get one 1/2 off) in his size. Anyway, now that I have justified my purchase, let me tell you about them.

The biggest difference I noticed is the lack of a well-known cartoon character on the waist band. The Walgreens diapers have bright, colorful zoo animals, hearts, suns, and balloons instead. As a mom who thinks are children are introduced to commercialization at way too young an age, I greatly appreciate that feature. My children get just as excited seeing the bright colors and animals as they do about seeing Elmo. Actually, these are even better because there is no argument as they get older about who is on the diaper. My friend had a whole bunch of "Zoe" diapers left out of every pack because her son refused to wear a "girl" on his diaper. As for the other features, these were very similar to some of their brand name counterparts. Though there is one brand name diaper that you can actually feel the gel granules in the "zone" (even when dry)and the Walgreens ones do not have that gritty, grainy feel.

Now when compared to other store brands, these come out way ahead. In the past, I have found store brands to have side tabs that easily tear off as you try to put the diaper on. Not so with the Walgreens brand, the tabs are securely attached to the diaper and the Velcro-like tape holds very securely when the diaper is on. The tabs stretch well, which is important to me since my little guy actually wears newborn size, but pees like a fire hose and needs the absorbency of the size 2s. I can actually put these diapers on him and they do not fall off or leave gaps. The legs are also very stretchy and at least seem comfortable on him (he obviously can't verbally tell me if they are not). The outside and the inside fabric of the diaper is very soft, not scratchy at all. We have been using the diapers for a few days now and I have been very pleased with the absorbency as well. So pleased, that I think I may actually be able to use their size 1s instead, at least during the day. The diapers do swell as they get wet, but I have yet to find gel pieces on the baby or even in the diaper during changes (something I have experienced even with brand name diapers). The diapers also do not have that damp feeling in the mornings, after he has peed in them all night and like I said he pees a LOT and I am fortunate that he is sleeping through the night for the most part so he has pretty full diapers in the morning.

I am so glad that I took the risk and bought these store brand diapers. I am still going to shop for the diapers the way I always have, looking for the best deal after using sales and coupons, but it is nice to have another brand that I am comfortable adding to the list of prices I am willing to buy for the right price. Walgreens Comfort-Stretch Cloth-Like Diapers are definitely winners in my book!

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